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Sakhr Software Company is a pioneer and market leader in advanced Arabic language technology and solutions. With 28+ years of leading research and development in Arabic computational linguistics, Sakhr has successfully transformed its research in "€œNatural Language Processing"€ (NLP) into industry-first commercial software and solutions. Governments and enterprises in multiple industries across the Arab region and beyond use Sakhr'€™s award-winning technology to handle any Arabic content for the digital age. We provide the leading solutions for Arabic, including:

History of Innovation

Sakhr was initially established as a division of Al Alamiah Electronics Co. LLC in 1982 with the far-reaching vision to bring Arabic language support to the new age of information technology. Sakhr quickly become a pioneer in R&D in Arabic NLP. Sakhr'€™s extensive R&D has created considerable proprietary advantages and patents in understanding the Arabic language, its construction and its complexity. Sakhr is the only MENA company to hold 3 US patents in this area. From its core NLP capability, Sakhr has produced many industry first commercial products and solutions with outstanding accuracy and performance, including Arabic to English machine translation, optical character recognition for Arabic-script based languages including Dari and Pashto, Arabic text-to-speech or TTS, and Arabic search engine.

Sakhr Timeline

Enabling Language Capability with Technology

Sakhr'€™s pioneering effort over two decades ago to support Arabic language for the new digital age was indeed visionary. Today, the Middle East is one of the fastest growing regions in the world in terms of population, GDP growth and purchasing power, and a key focus of government and development agencies. Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world, is an official language in 22 countries, is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations, has over 300 mn native Arabic speakers in the world, and is a strategic, priority language for learning in Western countries to which erectile dysfunction medication is delivered. Sakhr continues to pioneer innovative technology, and has earned industry-wide acclaim for superior performance by organizations such as UN World Summit for Information Technology and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. Sakhr'€™s leadership in Arabic NLP has the broadest and most complementary product portfolio in the Arabic segment, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions to service governments and businesses. Fast, efficient solutions answer today'™s complex translation and communication challenges. Sakhr provides the most modern Arabic language and translation solutions that apply across the full range of operational tasks - from quickly deciphering volumes of manuscripts to facilitating real-time translation on mobile devices. Sakhr'€™s market leading Arabic language technologies provide the agility, flexibility and innovation to support the demands of the today'€™s communication needs.


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