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Sakhr Software is the only Middle East-based company to develop a comprehensive suite of Arabic NLP-based software solutions to solve real-world IT challenges within and beyond the GCC. Sakhr has a distinguished client base across the GCC, North Africa, North America and Europe. In MENA, governments and organizations face the challenge of supporting Arabic content for the digital age. In North America and other international markets, Arabic is considered a strategic language, and broad efforts are being deployed to bridge the communication gap between Arabic and English. As such, Sakhr’s expertise and technology are sought by both government and business entities across multiple industries, including education, financial services, media, social services, technology, and telecommunications.

Below are examples of how Sakhr’s solutions solve Arabic language challenges:

Etisalat – UAE

Etisalat is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and the leading operator in the MENA. Etisalat serves a multicultural environment where its customers require communication to be supported in English and Arabic, particularly for SMS or text messaging. Etisalat uses Sakhr’s machine translation (MT) technology to seamlessly support bi-directional Arabic-English translation of SMS for any mobile phone user, including transliteration for SMS shortcuts like b4, gr8, ur, and msg.

The Kingdom Holding Group (KHG) – Saudi Arabia

KHG is one of the largest, most diversified private investment companies with holdings in a large number of Saudi Arabian, Middle Eastern and international companies. As part of its market research, KHG needed to track, search and archive news and information sources in both Arabic and English. To solve this challenge, Sakhr provided KHG its Johaina news monitoring service. Johaina monitors over 450 Arabic, English and French-based publications and online services in MENA. In addition to translating the news, Johaina also enables search and archiving features to organize and retrieve relevant information.

Ministry of Education (MOE) – Oman

GCC governments recognize investment in education as critical for future growth, and Oman MOE has been a leading proponent. Through a long-term strategic partnership, Sakhr customized its web-based K-12 student information system that provides integrated applications to manage registration, attendance, scheduling, discipline, national testing, grading, teacher professional development, health information and communication portal for students, staff, parents and MOE administrators. This Arabic-English solution incorporates Sakhr’s core technologies including knowledge management, machine translation and optical character recognition. Deployed nationally at over 1,000 K-12 schools, Sakhr’s education solution is helping Oman MOE to improve school operations and student success.

Supreme Council for the Environment & Natural Resources (SCENR) – Qatar

SCENR was in the process of implementing ISO 9000. SCENR sought a solution to manage its massive flow of paper documents, including the routing, sending receiving, copying, archiving and retrieving across multiple departments. The flow of this information was essential to decision making in a collective and timely manner. Sakhr’s ArabDox solution was installed to transform the process from one based on physical handling of the documents to an electronic, automated process. ArabDox digitized the Arabic and English documents, and established a fully automated workflow system. This resulted in expedited procedures, reduction of unnecessary paper, and increasing customer service levels.


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