Arabic Machine Translation

Sakhr provides bidirectional machine translation (MT) for Arabic-English. Sakhr MT is the world’s most accurate, due to decades of natural language processing research (NLP) on the Arabic language and its complexities. Sakhr MT is a hybrid engine that optimizes rules-based and statistical-based processes to achieve rapid, highest accuracy translation. The engine is a full-fledged integrated system embedding NLP processors, formal grammars, transfer lexicons, and enterprise- specific terminology. Sakhr’s MT allows for secure, scalable deployment from a single user to enterprise-wide requirements.

Clients include Central Bank of Kuwait, Dubai Police, U.S. Department of Defense, NBC News, European Commission, Alcatel-Lucent, and World Bank.

Sakhr MT powers a suite of translation solutions, including:


  • Online Translation
  • Speech to Speech Translation
  • Mobile Applications
  • Translation Engine SDK & API
  • News & Media Monitoring
  • Name Transliteration
  • Professional Translation Services


Sakhr's MT technology is based on 28+ years of the industry’s most extensive research & corpora in Arabic natural language processing (NLP). The complexities of the Arabic language, such as free word order, lack of diacritics, and lack of punctuation, make that research critical to accuracy. Sakhr MT has the following advantages:


Sakhr MT’s powerful linguistic analysis understands the source text in morphological, lexical, semantic and syntactic contexts; its translation results are accurate and robust across different domains and text genres.


Sakhr MT continuously improves as errors are analyzed and processed as linguistic feedback.


Sakhr MT technology can be customized for specific domains or tasks, achieving even higher accuracy.


Sakhr MT is easily integrated using SDK and API development tools with other enterprise applications such as data mining, localization, optical character recognition (OCR), content management, search, and online chat.


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